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Canadian Will Bring Rivne Celebrations from Day of Love

Canadian Will Bring Rivne Celebrations from Day of Love

On Saturday, February 14, I had the pleasure of helping with and participating in the Valentines Day activities that took place in Rivne.

As a member of the volunteer organization Canada World Youth, and volunteer at the TV and Radio Station Rivne 1, I was thrown head first into preparations for the day of love- and what a day it was! It started the day before, with preparations... My fellow volunteers and I had fun stapling brochures to 6000 condoms that were to be given out the next day. On Valentines Day itself, we handed out the free condoms, watched people kiss for as long as they possible could, and then later helped light and place candles in heart shapes in the square. It was a very interesting way of celebrating! I have never seen Valentines Day celebrated in such a way in Canada, but it is something that I believe people would enjoy doing, and maybe something that I will try to implement in my own city next year. The only main difference I can see and think in how valentines Day is celebrated, is that in Canada it is everyone who celebrates, not just the younger generation, as it seems to be here. That aside, it is the same commercial holiday! I had a wonderful time observing the celebrations, and now have some ideas that I would like to bring back to my own country! Українська версія статті

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