Last month, two international non-governmental organization teamed up in Rivne, Ukraine; AIESEC and Canada World Youth joined forces to educate and empower youth.

Canada World Youth is a Canadian youth volunteer organization that connects Canadian youth with youth around the world and provides an international volunteer experience. It was started in 1971 by Canadian Senator Jacques Hebert, and since then has allowed over 30 000 youth to travel, learn, volunteer, and grow in 67 different countries around the world. CWY has been working in Ukraine with the National University of Ostroh Academy for 13 years. AIESEC is the world's largest international student organization. It is run by post-secondary students and graduates, and aims to allow young people to discover their potential and develop positive leadership through international internships. In January 2009, AISEC Ukraine launched the biggest social project in AIESEC history: World Without Borders. The aim of the project is to: "Activate Leadership among Ukrainian youth". Last month, seven of the sixteen Canada World youth participants volunteering in Rivne joined the AIESEC World Without Borders Project to educate Ukrainian youth and further their experience. Along with three international AIESEC interns from Taiwan and China, they have been teaching in local schools. The topics being covered are broad: Cultural Sensitivity, Active Learning, Social Awareness, and Entrepreneurship. One topic is taught per week, for a total of one month of teaching in Rivne. Ukrainian students, aged thirteen to sixteen, are being taught in English about the various topics. The Canada World Youth members prepared their lessons using the informal experiential learning model of CWY, and so far have had great success. With luck, the project will continue to run smoothly, and will have set a high standard for future AIESEC projects, CWY projects and international non-governmental unions. Українська версія статті