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Excursion to historical Lviv Through the Eyes of a Canadian Guest

Excursion to historical Lviv Through the Eyes of a Canadian Guest

On Tuesday, january 27 the international organization Canada World Youth took 18 people on an excursion from Rivne to Lviv. I was one of those lucky people, and am happy to say that Lviv was more than I had ever expected!

Canada World Youth is an exchange organization that is working with the National University of Ostroh Academy. Canadians and Ukrainians are paired up, and travel as a team to Canada and Ukraine, working, living, and experiencing. Lviv was chosen as the location for the projects "mid-project"- an excursion taken at the middle of the program. Participants were given a chance to see Lviv, and also participated in Workshops The first impression of Liviv was: Europe! The city is noticeably more "European" than any other Ukrainian city we have seen- although we have not seen very many. It reminded many of the Participants of other European cities and place: Sweden, Amsterdam and Italy were just a few. Everything about the city spoke of history, architecture, and grandeur. It was very interesting to see such a different Ukraine. Coming from Rivne, such a contrast was not expected, but it was very pleasant! There was so much history, we didn't know where to start! A big activity was just walking around the city and remarking at the many different buildings. Even if it was just an apartment building or a shop, the building was undoubtably beautful and artistic. Highlights of the trip were visting the opera theatre, the nationalistic Pub, and seeing the diversity of churches. The opera thearte was spectacular- no one can see the theatre and say that Ukraine is not a developed nation. The nationalistic pub was an experience in itslef- it was interesting look into the mentality of the nationalists of the past and of the present. The many churches were all spectacular; each and every one was unique and beatuiful in its own way- even though there were sountless! I can say that the few days we had in that wonderful city were enough to merely bruch the surface of Lviv. Last impression? I am going to come back in the future!

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